Buy IQ Light Sample Set

– 1 pack of each size in white (XXL, XL, L, M, S,XS)

– 1 pack of each color in M size

This should have each set of ::

M – Black

M – Red

M – Yellow

M – Blue

M – Lavender Blue

M – Dark blue

M – Purple

M – Pink

M – Carrot Orange

M – Green

M – Lemon Green

M – Brown

( no more white because you already have white from the set above)

Total number of IQ light sample is 17 Packs !! Each pack contain 30 module !

Enough to construct 1 round lamps/pack.

FREE SHIPPING !!! (For Sample set)

**** Important Please read ****

Only available for 

USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Srilanka, Macao, India, Hongkong, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malasia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Philipine.

If you not in country listed above, please contact us via CONTACT FORM for more information. 


Price(USD): $49.00

(this sample take 15-30 days via e package postal delivery)
If you wish for faster delivery, please contact us via CONTACT FORM.