We’ve discussed logic investigation in our earlier sessions Simple logic investigation and Complex logic evaluation and effective method of collapsed column logic evaluation procedure for solving SBI PO or high degree logic puzzles in our preceding session how to resolve SBI PO degree logic puzzles in a couple of simple steps 1. But these issues are inherently confusing and possibly a mine field of errors. Unless of course the problem solver – comprehends the nature and structural variation of the problem class. Absorbs the effective collapsed column technique with adequate clarity and builds up confidence during the important activity of solving several such issues of different constructions.

Attempting such a tricky logic puzzle in real test environment is not suggested. There is not anything wrong with the method, but massive puzzles being inherently intricate and perplexing, chances of losing your way wasting seriously precious time will be high. We’ll occupy a SBI PO degree logic puzzle now and resolve it efficiently utilizing Collapsed column logic evaluation technique which simplifies the solution process and reduce the time to resolve considerably. Assignment logic investigation using Collapsed column logic evaluation procedure – In Assignment logic investigation issues there is a set of items that should be delegated to another set of items determined by a group of logic statements or requirements.

The objects which are to be delegated belong to the to-be delegated object set and the items to which the to-be delegated objects are to be delegated belong to the to-be assigned-to object set. The conventional method for solving this form of issues is to represent the values of the two object sets, one as rows and the second as columns. This representation is the simplest type of 2 dimensional logic table. The cell values represent assignment between the members of the two sets. For instance one set can be husbands and the second wives, problem will probably be to determine who’s married to whom based on a set of conditions.

The names of husbands might form row labels and names of wives column labels. Cross section of a row and column will probably represent marital status of the pair involved. Difficulties in solving assignment logic investigation problems – There are two fundamental difficulties of this kind of representation and analysis. First of all if the number of members of means of a group is massive we’ve to cope with a big table. For instance if there are 8 pairs of wives and husbands the logic table to determine who’s whose husband will probably be means of means of a 8 by 8 table with 64 cells. For 10 pairs it’ll be 100 cells. In collapsed column logic evaluation procedure the columns will be collapsed onto just a few. For instance in case of the problem of 10 pairs of wives and husbands, we might usage the 10 wives names as 10 row labels and just one column for final registration of the husband’s name.