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IQ Lights

One of the best- seller product of Busspa Living is the IQ lamps. Our IQ light factory provide Quality IQ lamps for both retail and wholesale for competitive price. The Quality of IQ lamp is our best concern ever since we start from using high quality Polypopeyln plastic for material to produce the lampshade. We don’t use recycle plastic for our product.



Reliable Supplier: We are one of the best supplier of flat pack IQ lamps from Thailand. We are trained to be the  professional. Our customer can trust and rely on our service as we provide the best service to all customer.

World Wide Market: Busspa Living has customer from many place around the world. This include Europe, America, Asia and Middle East. Because Thailand is trust to be the leader in the quality of product


          Busspa Living IQ lights inventory

English Speaker: Yes, we do speak very good English either writing or speaking ! Get in touch with us !

24 Hrs Response : We guarantee to response to any of your enquiry within 24 hrs or even faster. All your questions will be answer instantly.

Quality is our priority : Our QC is the most important process to ensure the quality of IQ lamp and its packaging. The packaging is ready for you to re-sell our product instantly. Print Instruction is provided* OR you can download from our website too. We also provide other service to make your business easier.


Competitive Price : We have the BEST OFFER  for you. The cheapest with the best quality IQ  Lamp which you may not find somewhere else. Please contact us for quotation and more detail will be send directly to your email.