The Urbany¬† – MAD Architects, a Chinese company, has developed a way to reintroduce that the reverence of character to the rapid Westernization and massive population growth of one of China’s most important cities, Chongqing.The Urbany, that is meant for office and commercial space, is a whirlwind skyscraper with no apparent symmetry. Towering above Chongqing at about 116 stories high, the Urban Forest is an effort to unite the careful eye of the green movement the representative energy inherent in a skyscraper. Restad College – College in Denmark is comparable to high school in the US, educating teenagers 16 to 19 years old.

3XN, that the designers behind that the Orestead model, desired to use the surroundings of the school as a learning instrument. They constructed a school where groups of all sizes possess a natural setting to receive education or study. Learning zones are meant to flow to each other without an artificial borders. Wet room bath room – Do you know what is better than a soggy bath room floor mat? An entire bath room floor in fact an entire bath room, that’s happy to be wet. That’s the concept behind the new trend in baths, called wet rooms, such as that the one seen above, profiled by Not A Paper House and made by Made a Mano.

Your entire bathroom room basically becomes a shower area minus the drapes and sliding glass doors. To ensure your bath room can handle years of soaking, top quality stones and tiles are recommended. Made a Mano uses lava rock from Mount Etna and Vesuvio to make their fixtures and tiles. Bookcase Staircase – – Architects who work in London alongside other towns with a lot of historic buildings are often confronted with the challenge of upgrading an interior while upsetting as little of the original construction as possible. One firm, Levitate, made that the Bookcase Staircase for a private apartment that existed inside part of a divided Victorian mansion.

They used the stairway to turn that the apartment’s unused loft into a bedroom space whilst giving the owners a huge library that only took up a small space. Macquarie Bank – – Open flow and transparency are quite trendy in office spaces nowadays and for valid reason. These spaces make workers happier, and more productive. Each plaza was made with a theme representing collaborative space, including that the dining table, that the library, that the garden, that the tree house, that the playroom, and that the coffee house. Pallotta Teamworks – – Pallotta Teamworks runs charity events, and that the spending budget for their new office space was nowhere near what that the clients of Clive Wilkinson usually pay.